old service stations

The traditional Service Station which featured "Full Service" has long ago disappeared. The concept of "pumping gas, checking the oil, cleaning the windshield, and checking tire pressure" is just a memory unless your are old enough to remember them or have seen them in an old movie. My dad ran a station on Hwy 30 near Keystone in the 1920's. He still likes to talk about the interesting people and events that happened while he owned this station. I have collected some interesting images of older stations, and you can view them by clicking on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version. Enjoy...

Frank LLoyd Wright Designed Station

This unusual Phillips 66 service station is located at the corner of MN-45 and MN-33 in Cloquet, Minnesota. Erected in 1956, the building was the prototype designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a service station design that Wright and his colleagues envisioned would sweep the nation. Some visions remain small, however -- this is the only such station that was ever built. Still open and pumping gas

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