The Original Crapper Device.

What would this bring on eBay today?

In the good old days (probably for the last 3.5 million years), The use of "modern" bathroom facilities was not an option. The use of running water and flush toilets has only been available in homes since the invention of the flush toilet in England. British Patent 4990 in 1898 was issued to a Mr. Albert Giblin for this product. There are a couple of theories on how Thomas Crapper came to be associated with this device. First, is that Giblin worked for Crapper as an employee and authorized his use of the product. The second, and more likely scenario, is that Crapper bought the patent rights from Giblin and marketed the device himself. Even then it took many years for the device to infiltrate the American West. Having been around the farm as a boy, I saw first hand the need and use of the following facilities. The following is a collection of images found on the Internet showing in real life the neccessary and useful emulations of this landmark building. Enjoy...

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