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1964 Letter Car Exterior Pin Stripe Specificatons (Text From Hugh Baldus):

The basic configuration of the pinstripe is two stripes, one thin above and one thicker below., and follows the beltline contour from the front fender to the rear taillight. The stripe begins at the front of the car on the eyebrow near the grill, with a 1/8 inch stripe on a 60 degree angle from horizontal connecting the top and bottom stripes together. The top edge of the top stripe is 5/16 of an inch below the beltline contour for the entire length of the stripe. The top stripe is 1/8 inch thick. There is a 3/16 inch gap between the top stripe and bottom stripe. The bottom stripe is 3/16 inch thick. The stripe ends at the rear of the car, just to the rear of the peak of the fin, with a cut off line at a 60 degree angle from horizontal with the top stripe extending farther than the lower stripe, with the end "open".

Overview Persian White Body, Formal Black Pin Stripe

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